ML Life Coach

I am Magda

coach, hypnotherapist and Akashic Records reader, specialized in energetic healing. I offer you a peaceful space to discover yourself, a place to get in touch with yourself again, with whom you should never cease to be in contact. In our sessions, you will connect with your inner child again, you will learn to love yourself and to see life from a different perspective.

Why start a process of personal transformation?

Coaching is a powerful tool to rediscover ourselves, to connect with universal love and to expand the potential we keep inside. Each and every one of us is a great light, we just need to give ourselves permission to shine, but you are the only one who can do so.

The Akashic Records

are a universal library that will open the gates to your soul memories. For the memories you are prepared for at this moment will help you in your personal evolution. Through them you will understand and heal the past and you will also open new ways and opportunities for the future. Keep reading  here.

Energetic Healing through Trance

Energetic healing is a process of 3 sessions to eliminate and heal energy barriers that stop you from advancing day by day and which furthermore can manifest themselves as different forms of physical discomforts.
Learn more here.

I can accompany you if…

you want to set goals and want to achieve them, if you feel depressed, don’t know what to do with your life, if you look for answers because you don’t understand what’s happening around you, if you ask yourself if there is another way of seeing and living life, a manner that allows you to enjoy each step you take and to learn from every situation. I would love to guide you.

What will you get?

You will take that extra step in your life, heal your past, define your future and learn to expand your light in the present. Additionally, you will discover who you really are. We will define your goals and steps to achieve what you really want in your life. Welcome to this rediscovery journey.

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Sobre mi

ML Life Coach

Magdalena López

Soy un alma inquieta que buscando y buscando su lugar en el mundo ha descubierto que lo que realmente le apasionan son las terapias alternativas, el estar en contacto con el universo.

Que piensan mis clientes

Magda came during a moment in my life in which I didn’t see an escape, I didn’t find a way and suddenly she appeared. She taught me to love myself, she taught me to forgive, she taught me to enjoy and value life, to breathe and to feel appreciated each morning to live another day. She is like my Guardian Angel (Coaching Process)

My experience with Maddie has been fantastic. With her examples I have been able to see situations from within my inner self and to face them without fear. She is an incredibly close and empathetic person. If I miss one thing, it’s not being able to do the sessions in person. She sends out a lot of energy. (Coaching Process)

I write to you to inform you about the changes after the Akashic work. I feel it has affected my relationship deeply. Very profound and positive changes have taken place in a very difficult and complicated situation, but with lots of love… Thank you for your light and professionality. (Akashic Records Session)

It has been a very beautiful and helpful experience for me. The answers haven provided me calmness and have shed light on my personal changes and processes. Internally I repeat parts of the messages whenever I feel anxiety inside and they help me to balance it. Maddie is a great professional and an absolute sweetheart. I would repeat the experience without hesitation. (Akashic Records Session)


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